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The Ghanaian-German Economic Association (GGEA) offers substantial information and assistance to its clients. With the main ambitions being trade promotion, networking and market-entry support; members as well as non-members have access to services offered by the GGEA, which is linked to countries and clients all over the world.

We provide up-to-date information on economic and commercial issues, and offer services such as the linking-up between potential business partners. All with the intention to enhance bilateral trade for new and existing businesses.

If you are interested in expanding into Ghana or finding a gateway to Germany, the GGEA is a qualified association, counting almost 100 members of Ghanaian and German businesses. We are your partner for the development and expansion of your projects.


1. 8. 2014

Is this city the happiest place to live and work?

1. 8. 2014

A member of the President's Economic Advisory Team believes the confidence level of the managers of the economy determines how quickly the economy recovers from its downward spiral.

31. 7. 2014

The Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital in Accra, Dr E. Obeng-Apori, has called on health professionals to stop creating unnecessary panic about the Ebola disease.


21. 5. 2014

The Ghanaian German Economic Association is hosting a member networking event dubbed " After Hours Business Mixer" in June

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